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Aswathy, Kasargode - Age: 4

4 year old Aswathy, D/o K. V. Sahadevan, hailing from a village in Kasargode had congenital heart disease. This lovely girl was also without speech since birth. Her father, an auto driver, was unable to provide proper treatment to her because of his financial difficulties. He then happened to hear about Care & Share International Foundation and its project ‘Pro Heart’ to save unfortunate children suffering from heart disease. He applied for the benefit and the authority after scrutiny decided to take up her case. Her surgery (ASD closure) was successfully carried out at MIMS Hospital, Kozhikode.

Ruslin, Malappuram - Age: 3

3 year old Ruslin, S/o Rasheeda K.P. from Malappuram had ASD, and his parents knocked on various doors to seek support as he belonged to a monetarily challenged family. At last, Hridayasparsam brought hope back into their life. A surgical closure was performed at MIMS Hospital, Kozhikode in 2009 and the child recovered well and is now leading a happy life.

Fousia, Ernakulam - Age: 2months

Fousia, a charming two month old baby from Ernakulam had been diagnosed with anomalous origin of Left Coronary Artery from the Pulmonary Artery. The doctors advised an urgent surgical correction for this condition. The cost for this surgery was way beyond the means for her father Noufal who is a daily wage laborer. Care and Share took up the responsibility to help Fousia lead a normal life. Her surgery was successfully carried out at Amritha Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi.

Adithyan, Kottayam - Age: 2.5

Adithyan, the 2½ year old child of Mr. Biju T. U. from Kottayam had been born a heart patient. To make matters worse, he was totally helpless as his father was bed-ridden and mother, unemployed. The child required an urgent surgery to survive. Hridayasparsam (Pro Heart) sponsored Adithyan’s surgery which was performed at MIMS, Kozhikode. Now, like any other child, Adithyan is a source of joy for his family.

Nikson, Ernakulam - Age: 11

11 year old Nikson is one of the twin sons of Johnson from Ernakulam. At a time when their friends dreamed about the future, the twins were in the grip of despair as both of them had congenital heart problem. Hridayasparsam intervened with timely assistance, sponsoring their ASD surgery at MIMS Hospital, Kozhikode. And helped colour their dreams about a bright future.

Muhammad Riswan, Malappuram - Age: 1

Muhammad Riswan, a one year old child from Malappuram was born with heart disease. His father Nizar, a daily wage worker, had no means to provide treatment to the child. In a compassionate gesture, Hridayasparsam (Pro Heart) offered financial aid to the needy family. The surgery was performed by the efficient doctors of SCTIMST, Thiruvanathapuram.

Sreevidya, Kasargode - Age: 4

Sreevidya, a 4 year old girl, is the only child of Prabhakaran and Rohini from Kasargode. She had heart disease right from her birth. This condition snatched away all joy from her childhood, and peace-of-mind from her family. In 2010, Care & Share lent a helping hand, wiping out the family’s sorrows through Hridayasparsam (Pro Heart). Her surgery for ToF was carried out at MIMS, Kozhikode.

Shafeena, Malappuram - Age: 11

Shafeena, 11 years, (D/o Abdul Nazer) from Malappuram was diagnosed with congenital heart disease – ASD. She was advised early surgical closure by cardiologists 5 years back. She belonged to a very poor family that could not afford the surgery. They sought help from Care & Share and the surgery was successfully performed at Sunrise Hospital, Kakkanad on September 2009.

Alan T. S. - Age: 4

Alan T. S., a 4 year old kid was diagnosed with congenital heart disease – the defect, Atrial Septal. His father Shabu T. V., who is a mason, could not raise money for Alan’s surgery. The Hridhyasparsam (Pro Heart) project of Care & Share came to their aid and the surgery was carried out at Sree Chithira Thirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology, Thiruvanathapuram. Now Alan is fine and enjoying his childhood with friends at his home in Thrissur.

Aksa, Ernakulam - Age: 6

Aksa, the 6 year old daughter of Mr. Johny Varghese from Ernakulam was suffering from congenital heart disease (SV-ASD) since her babyhood. She had been advised to undergo a surgical closure at the age of five. But because of the huge cost, the parents were not able to follow the doctor’s advice. As a last resort, they got in touch with Care & Share, and the surgery was done at Little Flower Hospital, Angamaly through Hridayasparsam.

Ibnu Burhan, Ernakulam - Age: 4

Ibnu Burhan, a 4 year old kid from Malappuram, was diagnosed with congenital heart disease - Defect Atrial Septal. He needed early surgery, but his economically challenged parents could not afford it. They approached the Foundation for assistance. Care & Share International Foundation selected Ibnu as its first beneficiary for the project Hridhayasparsam (Pro Heart). His surgery was successfully conducted at MIMS Hospital, Kozhikode.

Muhammad Rafi - Age: 4

Muhammad Rafi, a 4 year old child was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. His father Shafi, who belonged to the economically weaker section, sought the help of Care & Share to save his child’s life. The Hridayasparsam project met the expense of the life-saving surgery, which was performed at SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram.