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Care & Share International Foundation

Care & Share International Foundation is a non-profit making charitable organisation. The organisation under the leadership of Padma Shri Mammootty strives to uplift the lives of the less fortunate through various healthcare and educational programmes. The organisation is backed by a credible force of eminent personalities from various fields of lives.

Our Vision

To free our society from the misery of poverty and ill health and provide quality living to the less fortunate by sharing resources from those who have it in excess with those who are deprived of it.

Our Mission

To share resources from those who have it in surplus with those who are in need with an aim to provide quality living to the needy.


Our Logo

The Chumadu Thangi was a common sight in bygone Kerala. These structures were built at strategic places to offer workers convenient points to rest their load in between long journeys. Like the Chumadu Thangi, Care and Share International Foundation will strive to share the burden of the less fortunate, through the efforts of those who have more than enough resources.